Saturday, February 11, 2006

Spyware and Rip-off Ware (Part 1?)

There is something in blogging that limits me from writing a lot. Am I just getting stupid, or am I too bored for my own good (i.e. having an attention span less than a baby)?

I think not. I can write long discourses on bullshit. (A Harvard professor had a dissertation on bullshit, so I won't duplicate what he did.) I can write long essays on practically anything, but they'd still equate to bullshit for most readers, won't they?

This is a foray of mine to write at least more than five sentences in a single blog entry of mine. As nobody reads this, who cares, right?

I am fond of shitty applications, and I don't know why. Of course, common sense dictates that I be not fond of them, but who uses common sense nowadays? I even have more than most, so I only take this as a foible in my character (lol for foible). I wanted to obtain the Spybot - Search and Destroy rip-off, Terminexor. Terminexor practically copied the same code from the great anti-spyware application, Spybot - S&D, changed the Spybot to Terminexor, placed some shitty spyware, and then passed it off as their own unique work. Nasty? Indeed it is, but Terminexor, although obsolete, hasn't been the only one doing this nowadays.

Take for example, the original and old BitTorrent 3.4.2 client. Here is its picture:
Now here is the picture of BitTorrent Mega Pack:
And here is the picture of BitTorrent Absolute Downloader:

There are only small differences among them in terms of the GUI, and one of the most noticeable is the icon. Believe me, there is nothing also different among them in terms of usage. BTMP (BitTorrent Mega Pack), however, tries to open pop-up windows in Windows9x originally created by Bram Cohen, the developer of BitTorrent, to pop-up his site every time the client is opened, asking for donations (BitTorrent is an open-source project, not a commercial one). This was changed to pop-up to Crazaa, a sister (and sinister) website of both BTMP and BTAD (BitTorrent Absolute Downloader), to try to coerce the ignorant user to download Crazaa, which bundles with it a very pervasive parasite that is extremely difficult to remove, AdBlaster.

BTAD, on the other hand, bundles WhenU, a pervasive adware program that pop-ups the weather as recorded somewhere, and some 'offers' that aid you in 'saving' money. (The ignorant user doesn't know that the adware program itself steals data from what you type and sends this data to their servers. The user doesn't really 'save' money, he's just losing it in other ways.)

Adware companies make money with their bundled software; they are being paid for by large companies to insidiously display advertisements on other people's computers, thus trying to coerce these users to buy stuff they do not want, and making them believe that the 'value-added' software that they installed on their computer (along with P2P programs most of the time) is important and valuable. Most of the time, they are not easily detected or uninstalled. So much for 'keeping your privacy.'

Software that these adware companies created for advertisements are mostly flawed: they use the bandwidth of the client's computer, TRANSMIT DATA from the client to their own ad servers, and then pop-up shit (mostly worthless porn and slimy 'deals') to their 'clients'' computers.

To be continued ... (This is just an excuse for me to sleep.)


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