Saturday, February 11, 2006


Seems like I haven't slept at all. I don't know why, I just drank some Tylenol Extra Strength and a lot of water, and it's back to only a mild pain that doesn't disrupt much. (My computer is caffeine right now.)

Zultrax is a Peer-to-peer (P2P) program. This means that this program allows one to share his files through the Internet without tangible media such as DVDs or CDs. Most of you, I think, know of this already.

This P2P program, however, is not as well-known as BearShare or LimeWire. It also isn't as known as BitTorrent or eMule/eDonkey. What can it brag, then?

BearShare and LimeWire are Gnutella's (a network) best known clients, and the most used as well. BitTorrent is practically THE most popular protocol/network in the Internet today, and eD2k network possesses the most users... so what can it brag about, then?

Unlike most other P2P clients, this is among the most straightforward clients I've ever used: it means what it says. When it says it doesn't have spyware or adware, it doesn't. BearShare has a lot of spyware in it while denying that it has. eDonkey2000 has opt-out (or so I thought) installation of adware, but even when I opted out, (this was a long time ago, however) it still installed some pervasive shit.

Of course, nothing present in the Internet today can compare with BitTorrent. What Zultrax brags about, however, is the possession of their OWN network, the ZEPP network. LimeWire certainly doesn't have that. And this network is unique only to Zultrax itself. There are no other clients that connect to the ZEPP network. Zultrax, in addition, brags about the network's strong, protective measures on preserving the P2Pers privacy. I applaud them for that.

All in all, however, it still isn't really something to brag about. How can you call ZEPP a network with barely 3000 users? There is nothing good to download in the ZEPP network.

For example: I tried searching for ALL software in the ZEPP network. After some 30 minutes or so of waiting, it only showed 8 results. Hmph. And all of these results were games, not really programs. So much for the word ALL. They better change the software there into games.

I also tried searching for ALL videos. I think the first ten results I got were porn, and out of the 213 results, I estimate that roughly 80% were porn. So much for the word videos. They better change that to PORN.

Let me also add that the GUI is nothing to be proud about. It doesn't even seem clean. It also creeps me out. Want a screenshot?

Here it is.

Click on it to see it bigger. (Duh. lol)

Here is part of a Zultrax description:

Here are some key features of "Zultrax":
· Free - Zultrax is fully free. We could use a contribution from you if you like the program but do not obligate it.
· Clean - No adware, no spyware, no bundles. Zultrax doesn't install any garbage and does not modify your registry.
· Fast – Zultrax delivers vastly improved searching and downloading of files over a more secure network.
· Safe – Zultrax supports two networks amongst which the ZEPP network. ZEPP offers the best privacy protection currently available on a P2P network.
· Stable - Zultrax doesn't crash or give problems. It just does its work.
· Smart - The Zultrax kernel contains advanced state of the art P2P technology.
· Silent - Zultrax keeps an eye on your CPU usage and adapts to it. On this way Zultrax does not slow down your machine.
Zultrax says what it means. And that's what I like about them. They don't damn lie. It's just that their own network can't stand up on their own, and there are a lot of better clients out there that are more efficient connecting with the Gnutella network (LimeWire and BearShare).Still, don't count this out. There's something good in telling the truth. Always.


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