Monday, February 13, 2006

Ergo Proxy

By the end of the first episode, I was practically ogling like a fanboy, and clapping my hands like an extremely happy first-grader.

This is among the 'blown-away' anime that I've seen, something to the effect of drooling and having goosebumps throughout even just the first episode. And Lir, damn it, Lir is just beautiful. I don't mean the Orihime-kind of beautiful (hyperbolic proportions), or the anime kind of beautiful (quasi-loli), damn it, she's the human kind of beautiful.

Until now, I'm still shivering with excitement. My hands and feet perspire as well, because I'm that EXCITED.

Scenes of Orwell's masterpiece, 1984, permeate the show with its dark mood, and the Ghost in the Shell feel is there as well. However, I wasn't as amazed with Motoko as I was with Lir. The philosophies are just starting to congeal, and nothing has been really told as of yet. This series still deals with freedom in a dystopian utopia. Paradoxical? Yes, indeed.

Utopia can never be achieved. Freedom will always prevail, as the first episode shows. OMG ... I have become a fanboy of this show.

When you dovetail literary masterpieces such as 1984, We, and Fahrenheit 451 with sublime animation, great character design, philosophy, Ghost in the Shell-feel, and an extremely, supremely, uncomparable beauty that is Lir, you obtain Ergo Proxy.

Just think of it: you have Manglobe's (Samurai Champloo) animation, great writers for the script (Ghost in the Shell), a great director (Witch Hunter Robin), and a rocking soundtrack (Radiohead). WTF could you still ask for?

Those are my reasons on why I have become a fanboy, why I was so blown away with the first episode, and why I ogle at Lir.

I have rewatched it, and now notice more subtleties. Observe.

Note that the letters in the soup form the word 'awakening.'
That's blood on his hand, perhaps the blood of the lover-type autorave. This makes me assume that the virus comes from blood.
What does the symbol at the upper right mean? There must be something to it.
That's how beautiful she is. Go watch the first episode.


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