Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Rebours (Against the Grain)

It's time for a little French use. I don't normally speak French, so how did I know how to use some French words? It is, as usual, through books.

A Rebours (Against the Grain) was written by Joris Karl Huysmans in the late 1900s. It was one of the masterpieces of decadent literature pioneered by our dear friend Baudelaire. Although I haven't read it (yet), it talks about a rebellious and anti-social protagonist named Des Esseintes going against the grain of society.

How, then, does it connect to my modern state of mind? As usual, of course, I am always against the grain; this time, however, paranoia helped me a lot.

I usually test .exe (or executables) before even trying to install them in my system. That way, I know beforehand what it contains, and thus I will also know what I must not install. Virus Total
and Jotti's Malware Scan are great testers of these files by checking it with A LOT of anti-virii applications (some even checking for adware or spyware). To be sure, however, of being at least protected from these scourges, I installed a lot of anti-spyware and anti-malware applications (malware standing for malicious software).

This may seem a lot to you, but kindly be patient:

1. Mozilla Firefox: the safe browser, with built-in pop-up blocker and with installable themes and extensions. I didn't forget to install AdBlock and NoScript to prevent drive-by downloads or security exploits.

2. Spyware Blaster (I'm tired of linking, because these will be a lot of programs; you can go search for them at Google): protects your registry from invasive spyware by preventing ALL types of insidious registry keys from being installed in the first place.

3. Spyware Guard: prevents installation of spyware executables

4. Spyware Doctor: one of the top anti-spyware scanners that is commercial

5. Ad-aware SE Professional: another one of the top anti-spyware scanners that is also commercial

6. WinPatrol Plus: commercial version of WinPatrol, safeguarding all kinds of installs from taking place without your consent

7. Spybot - Search and Destroy: a free anti-spyware scanner that is also one of the top

8. F-Prot Anti-virusl with F-Stop: prevents malicious code from execution

9. Ad-watch: along with Spyware Doctor, Spyware Blaster, and Spyware Guard, protects the registry

10. MVPS Hosts File: blocks all malicious websites known for exploiting IE security gaps

11. IE-SpyAd w/ ZoneOut: places all those evil websites into IE's restricted zone

12. CCleaner: deletes all cookies and all remnants of Crap (the C) in your computer

13. Sygate Personal Firewall PRO: one of the low-memory using, good firewalls around

14. Bazooka Scanner: scans for spyware as well

That's a lot, isn't it. I was feeling particularly stupid for the day, so I decided to test my computer. I installed LimeWire Download Manager (bundling, RelevantKnowledge, and shit with it), as well as Kazaa and LimeWire Lyric Finder (bundling WhenU, and shit with it as well).

You must think my computer is terribly fucked up. You know how it is with spyware.

I scanned with Spybot - the only thing edited was a registry file blocking the launching of anti-virus applications ... ooo, scary ... but I uninstalled Norton, and Norton, not wanting competition, perhaps wanted to prevent other AVs from running (but they ran, anyway).

I then scanned with Ad-aware. No items found.

I then scanned with Spyware Doctor. It detected blocked sites from my MVPS hosts file, and the VVSNInstaller of WhenU's SaveNow, unopened. Nothing more.

I scanned with HijackThis. The parser of (here I'll place the links because they are extremely important in checking your system with spyware) HijackThis, HijackThis LogFile Analyzer
gave my PC a clean bill of computer health. Haha. Take that, you fucking adware companies.

I suggest you be paranoiacs yourself and install what I did. They help, as you can and will see.

I also promise to myself that I will never try installing adware (spyware) filled programs in my computer again.

"You lucky punk," the spyware companies said. "You'll never get away with it again. Ever. We will fuck your computer up next time around."

"Oh gosh," I said. "I'm never fucking up next time around, though." :D


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