Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Life in ABC

I never was much of a social guy. I'd rather stay home and read about computers or watch anime. I deem those activities more fruitful as well. I can write whole dissertations on spyware, file-sharing, anime, or books I love (The Sound and the Fury?) - I have done those already. (Of course, they are not really dissertaions, but short essays. Dissertations are for intellectuals wanting to be masters of their own craft; I study these things as hobbies.)

I have stopped writing creative fiction; I guess this was the result of having a fast Internet connection, which is a displacement of prioritized hobbies. I still can write creative fiction, though; however, I do not have the time because of my other hobbies.

Watching anime is great, so is reading books, and so is computing. That's my life in ABC.

The sadness of death is the joy of rebirth. - Neon Genesis Evangelion


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