Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Everything just went right for me today, thank God.

I won't talk about how I did great with my subjects, however, I'd like to talk about one of the things I've discovered by accident from watching Ergo Proxy, one of my favorites among current anime. Because of subbers' mistakes I came to discover what Deita meant, and it denoted God in the olden times. I learned this from doing a search on Wikipedia, the ever comprehensive and free online encyclopedia. Although the search was less than fruitful (the most relevant entry was only relevant by nine percent) I decided to read up on the results, and it somewhat enlightened me on a time-effaced figure that was Ratramnus (cool name, eh?)

I'm going to try my best typing this entry without looking at the Wikipedia entry. (Doing so will also test my memory skills.) He was a theological controversialist of the 9th century, and tried to substantiate God into science – he tried to unite science and God. His theory was largely unaccepted as compared to his comrade whose name I could not remember who stated that God was found in miracles.

Ratramnus also wrote about the dog-headed people, the cynocephali, and most importantly (this time I had to look at the entry) he denied the existence of the triune persons in one God. That's probably why he was knows as a theological controversialist: he went against the flow of the Church, and perhaps because of this, he had marred the annals of history with his name, even if only very small print in the humongous book of Man.

Belonging conspicuously to the history of Man is no easy task. At least, although his name was effaced and covered with the sands of time, one can still discover him if one digs deep. I accidentally did, and was able to perceive and appreciate a whole life in a couple of paragraphs – a whole life etched in history forever.


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