Tuesday, March 07, 2006


EDIT: Once divided in three parts, I decided to collate all parts because this post seems worthless as compared to my other posts anyway.

Tomorrow is our 4th laboratory exam in Biology, and I barely even studied. But that's okay, and I'm not going to talk about my school life. Everybody has had one; there is nothing special with mine.

Crazaa, however, released a 'new version' of their P2P program only a week ago. Of course, it wasn't really new or original: it was ripped off or a clone of the popular KCeasy program. I even posted about it (again) three days ago on my questioning if Crazaa had its own legitimate network, as can be seen in its configuration mode. This time, at P2PForums, however, the mood was different. This particular forum wasn't full of tech airheads as Zeropaid had. The people participating in here were more cogent, rational, and intellectual as compared to the ranting bluster of those from Zeropaid.

For more information about the thread I posted go here. The link is a forum on my queries about Crazaa if it really had a real Crazaa network. Although the thread is relatively unresolved (I'm still waiting for tm), ideas were passed around and I was even amazed at my persistent examination of the new Crazaa version.

Compared to their older version, 3.55, the 0.16 version (queer, isn't it? It's also queer that KCeasy also currently has 0.16 as version for his multinetwork KCeasy client. It's not coincidence: remember that Crazaa is a rip-off.) worked better. In fact, it connected to all three networks: Gnutella, Ares, and OpenFT. Its stability was also incomparable to its previous version where I couldn't even start downloading, the uploads were disabled, and Crazaa was bundled with a pervasive AdBlaster parasite. Although I cleaned the previous version it still did not work for most, if not all computers that have tried that older version...

* * *
It's five in the morning and I barely got out of bed yet, but instead of studying I decided to finish on what I've started yesterday night.

Crazaa: Part Two

As I have mentioned in the post before, Crazaa was mainly interesting because of a reason: in the earlier version that I have 'cleaned' it contained in its configuration dialog box the presence of a new P2P network known as the Crazaa network.

What does this imply?

The answer is simple: with new networks like these, if extant, file-sharing is promoted even more, and there are more channels to share files with. What you couldn't perhaps find on Gnutella (a large P2P network) or eD2K you may find in that new network. Similarly, I was gladly hoping for the existence of this new network because I could help this network flourish.

As I don't know much about the programming aspect of P2P networking, I didn't know that a network could be created from a fragmentation of a bigger network. I basically don't really understand it until now. What I was able to glean from tm's post, however, was that if you had just separate starter nodes (nodes here make connections or 'handshakes' easier between computers, I think, and links them together) from the regular starter nodes of your network, a new 'network' could be formed, but it still is a smaller part of the bigger network. Because you will be connected to different people when using both networks, you may be fooled into thinking that you're connecting to an entirely new network.

(Disclaimer: I myself do not understand much about what he was saying, however, I get the general picture of what he's trying to mean.)

Okay, I am not really good with explaining, am I? Here is his original paragraph on the existence of the Crazaa network:
KCeasy is open source. If anyone wanted to, they can download the source code and just tweak the handshake a bit and create their own "new" network. In fact, you technically don't even need to go that far. Decentralized networks can often fragment on their own - creating several separate (but compatible) networks - and you can create fragmented networks just by using a separate starter node.
I desperately need explaining from him...

This is another to be continued: as long as I don't really understand what I'm talking about there's no use in finishing this blog-special or blog-marathon.

* * *

I better end this marathon of which I've done so already in P2P forums. Anyway, to end it all, the network was most probably just a fragmentation of an existing network (most probably Gnutella) set with different starter nodes and was allowed to mingle with the rest of the Gnutella network anyway.

I am using the 0.16 version now without problems. The installer is clean, too, as scanned from VirusTotal and Jotti's Malware Scan. Ugh, I'm really sleepy. The 0.16 version, simply put, is a well-made clone.

I'd have finished this, really, if I weren't so damn sleepy. But I won't, and I can't. I think this is enough for now.

You can download the installer of Crazaa here. Make sure it's clean by scanning it here and here.

The clean version I have can be downloaded here. Wait for thirty seconds, or a little more, and then click on the link given to download the installer. That installer, if Crazaa decides to bundle shit, spyware, or crap on their 'updated' Crazaa executable, is for you to use without fear of getting your computer dirty. Scans with VirusTotal and Jotti's Malware Scan say that it's clean. If you don't trust me, you can scan it for yourself.


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