Friday, February 24, 2006

I love hell. I can't wait to get back there.

The title is only one among the many intellectual (and darkly humorous) aphorisms within the book Under the Volcano. Though I have not read it yet, it is the next book on my list after I finish the lesser October Ferry to Gabriola of the same author, Malcolm Lowry.

I promised myself not to comment about the book until I have finished it, which is only some days from now. However, I am expecting a great read from his masterpiece, Under the Volcano. With sayings like

I think I know a good deal about physical suffering. But this is worst of all, to feel your soul dying. I wonder if it is because tonight that my soul has really died that I feel at the moment something like peace...Sometimes I am possessed by a most powerful feeling, a despairing bewildered jealousy which, when deepened by drink, turns into a desire to destroy myself by my own imagination--not at least to be the prey of--ghosts--
I expect a great book in the least. And with its position in the Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century, I really expect it to be a masterpiece.


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