Thursday, March 09, 2006

Almost everything can be found in torrents.

Almost everything can be found in torrents.

No, I don't mean that literally, although it applies to many ideas, things and objects. However, the first thing I thought about that couldn't be found in torrents is the chemical compound HArF. Yes, there is such a chemical, but it is stable only in very low temperatures and in small concentrations. (Gosh, I'm just showing how much of a nerd I am when it comes to chemistry. But that's okay.) That definitely can't be found in torrents: the compound IS in trace amounts and EXISTS only in very low temperatures. So the saying above doesn't apply to many things as well.


Anyway, I didn't mean it in a literal sense. That's that.

What I meant, however, was that almost everything even disjointedly connected with computers can be found in torrents. No, not those torrents, but BitTorrent files. As you may already know from being an amateur techie (hey, I'm one too!) or just a P2Per, BitTorrent is a network-cum-protocol that allows efficient sharing of large files. I didn't think jPop music videos can even be found using this network, so I used an almost obsolete network.

Can you guess what it is?

No, it's neither Crazaa nor Zultrax. It definitely is not eMule or Gnutella. It's WinMX.

As you may know, WinMX shut down its site for fear of the evil MPAA and RIAA. The servers were also shut down; however, a few rogue (and intelligent) users created a patch that enabled WinMX to be used despites its decrepitude, and the WinMX network still lives on. A kind moderator (tm once again) told me that WinMX, before the RIAA/MPAA deluge, was one of the best networks where one could obtain a good amount of 'Japanese stuff.' I tried it, but its queue system was horrible. They were too long, and for anyone as impatient as me, a harrowing experience. The short of it was that they had long lines of people waiting to download a single file, and often hundreds waited. I waited, just because I thought there was no other way to obtain the music video of SunSet Swish entitled My Pace (which incidentally is also the 6th ending of Bleach, and so I was interested in watching it). I knew it was released because I was able to skim through this animeblog. Wait and wait I did. Until it was twelve hours later, and the download still did not start.

I then discovered from the comments part that the Community sidebar of that blog had links on how to obtain those shows or music videos posted. I went to different sites, but I struck gold with jPopSuki. I registered, and lo! there was the music video to My Pace. I simply wasted how many hours of letting WinMX run ...

But here's where the saying applies. After looking everywhere, one must try looking back and digging deeper into torrent sites and indexers. One will eventually find what one is looking for. Eventually. I did after twelve hours of stupidity; you may be able to do so with ten minutes of intelligence.


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