Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The World After Upheaval

Crazaa and the World

After posting the Crazaa that I cleaned over at Zeropaid a lot of other posters shot flak at me. They also shot not only flak but also shit at why I recommended trying Crazaa, which I didn't. Seeing that I couldn't change the mind of the posters, I just stood my ground and kept on posting what I thought were intellectual retorts on their arguments. I did not try being high and mighty, but perhaps punctuation and use of words made them think or made them feel I was so.

Anyway, as I knew the thread was hopeless, I tried making it among the week's most popular threads by retorting or asking questions that build upon themselves. I wanted it to reach at least 42, so that people could have said that it was a popular thread (having 50% of its posts mine). It was closed by the moderator before I could have restarted the vicious cycle once more and it stopped the other posters from attacking me (ad hominem!) once more.

The attacks were alright, even though they were insulting because they were as far away from the truth. (Someone even thought that I was the developer of Crazaa because I 'promoted' it so much.) Anyway, it's just saddening that I wasn't able to reach that number of posts that would denote my thread being popular.

* * *
A Wonderful Day

Despite blogging about hikikomoris and despair two days ago, I was very thankful that everything was wonderful yesterday. I had fulfilled all my obligations, had aced an exam technically ... it was just an almost perfect day.

I had an extremely happy day yesterday. Everything just fell into its proper place: I got an A in chemistry (although sadly, it wasn't like the super-As of my previous Chemistry exams) and I also finished my workload thanks to the kindness of our laboratory technician.

I was practically in orgiastic joy yesterday: all was in good fun, and people were kind to me. I thanked God, of course. I think I'm going to work at the laboratory tomorrow to help the technician.

Good morning, everybody. I think I should sleep a little more to cleanse my mind of any dirt (to wake up properly) and then do what I should to become better as a student.


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