Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Spyware is supposed to be removed, not lampooned or travestied.

This is what SpyFerret does well, however. Not only does it manage to steal a copyrighted .dll made by Patrick Michael Kolla, Spybot - Search and Destroy's creator, it also makes fun out of people's stupidity.

I scanned my computer for spyware before scanning it with SpyFerret. Spybot - Search and Destroy found nothing, Ad-aware found nothing, Spyware Doctor found only BearShare (clean) (which, to be fair, was also detected by SpyFerret) and my edited MVPS HOSTS file while having WinPatrol and F-StopW running all the while.

My HijackThis log file was also clean. It was parsed by the HJT Log File Analyzer.

But check out the scan results of SpyFerret:

(Click on it to enlarge the image.)

It detected SaveNow, WinAntiVirus, but most absurdly, smitfraud.c!

Smitfraud.c is the group of programs that are desktop hijackers and force the user to buy their severly lacking 'anti-spyware program' to remove the spyware that they themselves placed. I definitely don't have that - because I don't use Internet Explorer and don't go (anymore) to crack sites. I also don't have the symptoms of WinAntiVirus and Smitfraud.c

And this costs $39. That's much too expensive considering the quality of Spybot and Ad-aware Personal. Spyware Doctor, the leading anti-spyware application, costs only $30.

Yeah, there's a lot of shit in the Internet. But it helps when even in their blog, one admonishes others to stay careful. :)


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