Saturday, February 18, 2006


I'm too steeped in computers that I've forgone my other interest: anime.

Well, I've watched some hours ago a new anime I never thought I'd like but did. The anime is Kashimashi ~ Girl Meets Girl. It's somewhat obvious why I chose this anime, right?

I've had a wonderful first episode, and the premise is promising.

A boy was turned down by a girl whom he really liked. (She seems to like the boy, too, but there are underlying reasons not yet clarified.) Sad, he treks down the mountain to try and forget her, but only remembers the time they shared together. Then he gets hit by a spaceship, and the spaceship, not knowing how to keep the boy a boy, transformed him into a girl so as to preserve her life. This is the beginning.

I never thought I'd like love stories, but anime just seems to pull it off. I especially like tragic and dark love stories (and many others will agree with me because the top two anime on AnimeNfo are tragic love stories) because of their in-depth dissection of the psyche.

This was a pretty fun and happy anime despite its sad premise, so I'm going to watch it. I was so into the first episode that I clapped my hands by the end of the anime, shouted a big woohoo, and smiled up to the ears when I went out of my room, which is a total indication of my love for this anime.

I should delete Jigoku Shoujo. I mean, there isn't any story to it - yet, and there are many more anime to watch ... like Mushishi, for instance (to be expounded on the next blogs, perhaps).


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