Thursday, February 23, 2006

Erotic Poem?

Man and wife together slept
In a bed that was now unkempt;
Their bodies pressed against the covers,
and the window closed its shutters.

It all started simply:
man was thirsty,
so he got a glass of water
to dampen his thirst and hunger.

The water trickled down,
and a sound, staccato, played.
The glugging of his Adam's apple,
had man's wife made.

An inchworm to his side she crawls
Nearer and nearer each minute he chugs
And then, like a bear pouncing on prey,
She clasps, tightly hugs, tightly hugs.

Now water from her mouth,
Started trickling like drizzle.
They rolled in the bed;
hairs all frizzled.

She sings a tune, and oh so loud
The neighbors wake, but they make no sound.
'Seems they're at it again,' they said,
and now silence: the rocking of the bed.

Their moans and cries
came not from funereal sadness,
but only what they call love,
and what I call madness.


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