Tuesday, February 21, 2006

On TorrentStorm

The developer of TorrentStorm has stopped improving on his rendition of the original BT client version 3.4.2. Although his icon is very inviting (I like the lightning), that is the only thing pleasing in his client.

As it was stopped, it pales in comparison to newer clients like BitComet, Azureus, or µTorrent. It does not have listen ports (or if it does, is incomparable to those clients mentioned above). It does not have the plug-in capability of Azureus, the UDP NAT traversal of BitComet, or the amazingly small size of µTorrent. Right now, all it is is a recoded BitTornado showing an OK graphical-user interface.

As I am trapped with wireless DSL and an incompetent ISP (yet the best there is here), I cannot properly use Azureus or µTorrent. However, because of the DHT or the trackerless network built into the clients, I can still download at acceptable speeds (2-13 KB/s most of the time).

This is lacking in TorrentStorm. I can barely download at more than 1 KB/s. Even the original client allows me to download faster than this. I've tried playing with the controls; I've forwarded my ports; and I did what I can to speed this up. Because, however, it doesn't have the UDP NAT traversal or DHT (trackerless) network, it cannot download fast.

Its settings are also primitive as compared to these more recent clients. After testing it three times, I have uninstalled it. Just use µTorrent or Azureus, or if you're in a predicament like mine, BitComet. These three are among the best torrent clients. Don't waste your time with TorrentStorm. (I did, however, because of its cool icon.)



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