Saturday, March 18, 2006

SpyFerret (part two)

With extended testing SpyFerret always changes your HOSTS file into a clean one, and does it silently. This is good for HOSTS file with problematic, spyware-ridden entries, but for an edited one like mine that filters out all the nasties it isn't recommended or desired. I appreciate the effort, though.

It, however, has a strongly lacking scan system. It detected Kazaa (which I definitely not have), smitfraud.c (SpyFalcon and its family, which I also definitely not have), and WinAntiVirus (having a clean and secure computer, I also do not have this). It also detected parasite BHOs, which I don't have, and Download Accelerator Plus which was NEVER in my computer in the first place.

There is a lot of false-positives. Imagine detecting thirty entries more or less, while SpySweeper and Spyware Doctor detected zero ... well, eighty-two to be exact, but it detected only BearShare Test and some editions to my host file (no false positives were detected, however).

Ugh. It's programming like this that makes me want to puke, though I do laud the deletion of Temp files before scanning and the constant (more or less) updates. However, there's just too much marketing and subterfuge. (Note that SpyFerret stole a .dll from Spybot - S&D.)

I hope that this company changes its ways in the near future. But seeing how evil is more lucrative than good, I can expect little.

(Gosh, I'm sooooo sleepy.)


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