Saturday, February 18, 2006

McDonald's Crispy Chicken Rice Burger

After posting on forums and downloading Rozen Maiden, I decided to eat. It was past twelve noon. I was already extremely hungry, seeing as I did not eat well the night before because of a pervasive headache that was so painful, not even a Tylenol Extra Strength capsule could take care of it.

I promised myself to order the Crispy Chicken Rice Burger of McDonalds'. I had saved money (by not eating the night before and breakfast today) just to destroy the novelty of eating it. I did, and as I expected, it was more or less good enough, but too expensive to be really delicious. I'm not sure if I'd eat it again, but I probably won't with my own money. It really is just too expensive. Before that, however, I ate some soup bundled into the 'value meal' so as to just fill my stomach and prepare it for the rice burger.

I wasn't even half-full when I finished the rice burger. And to top it off, McDonalds' Market Research Team had surveyed me for what I ate. I told them what I thought, of course, that it was too expensive and stuff. After some fifteen minutes, I was given a free french-fries card for one time use. (tongue-twister, anyone?) I was pretty pissed off because when I finished, it was drizzling outside. I walked it off, and then bought some iced coffee to cool my head off. (I gave my free french-fries card to a friend in that store.)

I took a bath when I got home. My stomach exploded afterwards. Until now, it still hurts.
Damn you, McDonald. You really serve shit for food. (pun intended)

And what came out was brown, looked like eviscerated chicken, and it was shit. So much for my 120 pesos.

Anyway, I've downloaded Rozen Maiden and posting while I'm waiting for my stomach's upheaval to stop. Damn it. :)


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